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The contractors, LandTech, finished working in the wood at the end of the first week in January. They were a pleasure to have working in the wood and the work they’ve done has been highly praised by the Agent on his various visits during the ‘work in progress’.

Because we have been awarded a grant towards some of the works,  completed by LandTech, measurements had to be done.

Rob Stockley from Lockhart-Garratt attended and wheeled his way across what is going to be the main processing area for the felled wood.

man pushing measuring wheel along roadway

The next job was to measure the length of the ditches that had been dug along the main ride. The first part of which was clean and dry to walk on.

two men walking along woodland ride with measuring wheel
However, at the mid-way point in the wood the conditions underfoot changed dramatically. From then on it was one long sluddery slide to the top of the wood.

muddy track in woodland

At this stage it’s difficult to imagine a green track will grow back, but I’m assured it will within a few months.

There is a narrower cross-ride which also had some ditch work done, to try to drain away a particularly wet area of the wood. The wheel was brought into service again to measure the exact length of the ditches that had been dug.
man walking along muddy track with measuring wheel

My particular favourite improvement is a narrow ditch that was already in existence, to some extent, but disappeared into what was a muddy area. The digger found that there was a blocked pipe, which when unblocked created a fairly fast flowing stream of water.

two men looking at water running through a ditch

I never thought I’d have much interest in the digging of ditches but I’ve found the process fascinating. I appreciate the skill of those who can divert water flow to where they want it to go, rather than where the water wants to go! We’ve even ended up with a pond as a result, which will provide a valuable watering hole for mammals, birds and hopefully bats.

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