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Once the processing/turning area and track dug out inside the wood, the stone was delivered. It seemed like a lot of stone, in theory, but of course stone weighs a lot!

pile of yellow stones

A layer of terram was put down before the stone was pushed and dragged into place by the digger, which made pretty short work of distributing the mountain of stones. The next step was for the stones to be consolidated into the roadway by the roller, which trundled up and down for several hours making sure all the stone was evenly distributed.

industrial roller by pile of stones

We decided to walk up the main ride to assess progress from the top, looking back. Walking was easy to the half-way point on the newly laid roadway. However, it was a slippery, sluddery progress from then on and I was glad of a sit down when we eventually made it to the top.

woman sitting on bench

The view back down the main ride was quite something to see. It was difficult to imagine how the greenery would ever replace the mud, but apparently the regeneration would begin quickly in the months to come.

muddy track down centre of wood

We attempted to slither our way back down to the bottom of the wood, but it was such hard going that we took to the woodland at the side of the track.

Immediately the colours returned and a promise of what the wood would return to was delivered to our eyes.

black and yellow fungi on tree trunk

The vibrancy of the the colours really struck me, just a few feet from the muddy streak that was the roadway. Even the trees were trying hard to deliver up some colour, even though it was at the base rather than at the top of the trunks.

moss covered tree base

Yes, even in December the promise of Spring is already apparent. Bring it on!

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