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Practical work for the woodland management plan

As part of the management plan we are required to fell a considerable number of trees in each of the designated areas (the wood is divided into sections for management purposes). The purpose of felling is to increase light reaching the woodland floor, which then encourages new plants to grow.

New species of plants, growing in areas which are then receiving the necessary light to thrive, attract insects, birds and other creatures who begin to feed in and populate the area.

Having marked the trees needing to be felled, according to our Forestry Commission woodland management plan, we needed to call in a professional to fell the larger trees, works which were carried out over several months between October and March.

When a tree is standing it can look enormous, but when it hits the ground you realise just how enormous it is by the debris that then covers the ground to a depth of several feet.

felled tree on ground


The larger pieces of tree trunk then have to be cut into lengths, loaded onto a trailer and transported away from the area.

tree trunk on trailer

We rely on willing volunteers to carry out the necessary work clearing the brash left behind, once the tree trunks have been removed. It’s hard work, but seems to be enjoyed by those who come along, especially when they take a bag of wood home with them at the end of the day.

If you’d like to get involved in a day of woodland working, get in touch and we’ll put your name on the list for next Autumn.

man standing in woodland holding dog in his arms

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