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Tree felling to encourage biodiversity

trees in woodland in MarchEveryone loves trees and some people find it difficult to understand why trees need to be felled within a woodland such as ours, which seems to threaten the natural beauty of the place. However, it’s a necessary part of any good management plan – tree felling to encourage biodiversity.

Why we need to fell large trees within the wood

The reasons for felling trees is connected to the need to let in light. Once the leaves grow on the trees the light is inhibited from reaching the woodland floor.

Light matters

Without light other plants will not thrive and grow. Without a diverse range of plants the insects will not be attracted and the birds will not have the necessary habitat to encourage breeding.

Video of Oxlip Wood tree being felled

Woodland management is all about creating a , a balanced wild environment to benefit the flora and fauna.

The video below captures the moment the tree featured in the photo above was felled.

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