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Identifying fungi

In the last post I shared some images taken on a very wet New Year’s Day. Several of those photos were of woodland fungi in January, taken in our wood. But what are they and do you have the knowledge for identifying fungi?

orange bracket type fungus growing on tree trunk

I looked in the reference book I have and couldn’t decide. Then I shared a couple of photos on Twitter and the replies began to come in.

A little blue bird told me…

Which attracted the following response –


then, this suggestion –

Seems to be a bit of agreement here –


Fungi identification, phase 2

Anyway, in reply to them and to aid more certain identification I said I’d return to the wood and take some more photographs. So, here first is a view of them topside.

multi layers of orange fungi growing on tree

Next, I got down on the woodland floor and attempted to take a photograph of them from underneath. Actually the results were better than I imagined.

fungi on tree showing gills underneath

Calling all fungi experts

So, who’s got the right answer? I can’t offer the “answers on a postcard please” option, but the comments box at the end of this post is beckoning…



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