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Balancing the woodland environment

The beauty of woodland is much to do with contrasts to be found in the sunshine and shady areas.

Unfortunately, at present in Oxlip Wood, the shady areas outweigh the sunny ones many, many times over. This is what our Woodland Management plan will be all about, creating the right balance for plants and animals to thrive.

Woodlands need sunlight

If there’s not enough sunshine getting to the woodland floor then the plants are starved of light and don’t grow very well, or some species not at all.

Without plants at ground level the birds have no-where to nest, so the wood becomes devoid of little birds. Similarly, butterflies don’t have the habitat they need for the caterpillars, so they go elsewhere.

Derelict woodland

A wood in this state is known as “derelict”, although ours doesn’t seem too bad in comparison to many others I’ve visited. Unfortunately the truth is that many English woodlands are currently in this derelict state, requiring human intervention to recreate the balance necessary to attract plant, animal, bird and insect life.

open glade in woodland


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