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A beautiful Spring day in Oxlip Wood

Sunday 21st April was the day designated for a Springtime saunter in Oxlip wood, in aid of Sudborough village church.

Village residents were invited to come along to experience the woodland environment first hand and gathered ready for the tour at 2.30 p.m

group of people seating and standing in woodland
Gerald headed up the tour which took them to the centre of the wood where he explained the basic principles of the Management Plan we are currently getting up and running, slowly!

group of men and women standing on track in the middle of a wood


An Oxlip in Oxlip Wood

An example of the namesake for the wood provided a photo opportunity for those who’d come equipped with cameras. A beautiful false Oxlip in full flower (so called as it is in reality a hybrid)

oxlip plant

Setting off along one of the narrow woodland tracks, made by the deer, the group picked their way among the bluebells.

line of people walking along woodland track

Orchids in Oxlip Wood

Occasionally everyone would stop to look more closely at something of particular interest found by one of the group, such as an Orchid.

pink orchid growing on woodland floor

Bluebells in Oxlip Wood

However the main event and star of the show were the bluebells, which were beautiful to behold in most place and spectacular in their display in other areas.

bluebells growing in woodland

One of the more quirky points of interest within the wood is a tree with a large platform, or what’s left of it, at about 30 feet up the tree trunk. There’s also the remains of a ladder that once provided access to the platform.

group of people standing by a large tree, looking upwards

History in place in Oxlip Wood

We call the tree the ‘Home Guard tree’ because it was originally a look-out point during the second world war which makes you appreciate how much lower the trees all around must have been then!

You can almost hear Captain Mainwaring shouting “what do you mean you don’t like heights Pike, you stupid boy!”

group of people standing at the foot of a tree

The village party included people of all ages from babes in arms to those who were quite unsteady on their feet. However none of them was going to miss out on the wonders of the Spring saunter in Oxlip wood – no fear!

woman being helped to walk through woodland

The opportunity to walk in unspoilt ancient woodland is not something that’s usually available to most people and the opportunity our woodland saunter provided seemed much appreciated.

woman looking back at camera at the back of line of people walking through woodland

All in all, a most enjoyable afternoon was had by us all. An event we hope to repeat next year. Let us know if you’d like to be invited.

Why not come along to our 2015 Bluebell walk? Visit the Events page to find out more.


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