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Moulton College students on woodland management tour

Towards the end of March 2014 we welcomed some students from Moulton Agricultural college for an afternoon stroll and discussion about the plans for woodland management.

group of adults talking

The day was chilly, but the enthusiasm was far from it as we wandered around the wood looking at various aspects of work underway and work in the planning.

Deer management

One of the most pressing aspects to be established is to stop the deer from coming into the wood. It may be lovely to glimpse a deer along a ride but the damage they cause to new tree growth is considerable.

Gerald showed the students a typical example of where the deer are currently entering the wood, unhindered.

group of people looking at edge of woodland

It was plain enough to appreciate that work needed to be done to keep the deer out if the planting and growing of new trees was going to be successful.

Further around the wood Gerald showed the students the first new hedge-laying that has been established. The outcome may not look particularly sturdy at present, but with new Spring growth and a year of getting established and the hedge should provide a barrier strong and dense enough to deter the deer.

hedge laying finished

The general public often fail to appreciate the need for Deer to be managed, preferring to think of them as welcome additions to be found in woodland. If they can’t be excluded then they need to be managed in another way, which to many seems even more unpalatable.

Spring has sprung at Oxlip wood

Inside the wood the new Spring growth could be seen to be well under way, with trees beginning to bud and plants springing up from the woodland floor. Some very pretty clumps of Primroses were beginning to show themselves quite strongly.

woodland glade showing trees and primrose

All in all, despite the chilly and damp weather, an enjoyable an informative afternoon was had by all. We hope the students will return in the future to see how the work has progressed.

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