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A couple of days before Christmas we were surprised to see a rather long white package, left in our front garden. I presumed Gerald had ordered some hedging, but if so it was going to be an exceptionally high hedge!

In the event the delivery turned out to be an Oak tree, a Christmas present for planting in our wood. What a lovely gift!

Getting the Oak tree to the wood was the first problem as it was far too long to be transported in the car. A truck was needed and Steven came to the rescue.

two men crying oak tree

Having cut away the plastic wrapping, which took some doing, the tree was revealed. Now it was just a question of where to put it, to ensure it could grow without being crowded by other trees.

An Oak tree needs space to spread and grow and at the moment the wood is definitely lacking much in the way of open spaces, which is what the Management Plan is all about. In the end it was decided to plant the tree at the end of the main ride alongside the area that had recently been cleared for the wood access roadway.

man and boy digging hole

Next job was to dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the root ball. All 3 generations set to the task; Grandad, Son and Grandson, planting a tree that would benefit future generations.

2 men and boy planting tree

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