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November weather has been a long time coming this year, which hasn’t been a bad thing as far as we humans are concerned. However, I wonder at the effect on the plants in the wood and whether their cycle of growth, fruiting and decay will have been adversely affected?

As I walked into the wood today, 9th November, as well as the die-back of the undergrowth I was soon noticing many groups of fungi of various types.

The first swathe I cam across were what we would typically call button mushrooms, although I’m not sure if that’s what they are.

round white button mushrooms

The most abundant mushrooms growing in the wood at the moment are Macrolepiota Rhacodes (or so we think!) which are quite spectacular to look at.

view of top of brown and white mushroom

Although these mushrooms look very attractive, both as small and larger specimens,  they are in fact poisonous.

small brown and white mushrooms

Deeper into the wood I came across some beautiful specimens which were just like those illustrated in children’s story books. Their graceful dished tops reached up from the woodland floor like miniature water dishes.

funnel mushrooms in woodland

The undersides of these incredible specimens looked so delicate that it was difficult to believe such beauty could possibly be poisonous, but I think they probably are. Their latin name is apparently Clitocybe Gibba.

underside of mushroom growing in woodland

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