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Ever since we bought the wood Gerald has been talking about and planning where bird boxes would be placed.

Making the bird boxes himself seemed a sensible idea, but the amount of plywood that was delivered made me ponder whether the number he was obviously planning would require  application for permitted development!

Having already researched the dimensions, the plywood was soon marked up to be sawn.

man sawing sheets of plywood

Pretty soon there were a number of piles, with sides, top, back and bottom sizes, ready for construction. The job took the best part of a couple of days, but the outcome was 26 bird boxes. Well, 25 actually because one had to be left for the forest ‘apprentice’ to build (the dog looked fairly interested in the process as well)!

man and boy drilling hole in bird box

Having finished a variety of designs for Robins, Tits, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers,Starlings and Stock Doves , the next job was to load them up for transporting to the wood.

car boot full of bird boxes

Once there it was time to get organised ready for the big job of getting all 26 boxes nailed to trees.

man holding ladder with boy holding bird box

A quick sausage sandwich and a piece of flapjack provided the necessary fuel to get the workers ready and motivated for the task ahead.

man and boy walking away into woodland carrying bird boxes

The dog and I were assigned to delivering the supply of boxes to specified trees. The forest apprentice was itching to get to get up the ladder and use the hammer, but as all apprentices have to learn – you start at the bottom of the ladder!

man up ladder hammering nail into tree

However, it wasn’t long before the apprentice was learning the art of hammering nails into the trees, slightly more demanding than nails into bird boxes on the floor.

It wasn’t long before the apprentice got his chance and with a guiding hand and word to three from Grandad he managed to finish off hammering the nails, holding the bird boxes in place.

man and boy up a ladder hammering nails into a tree

Having mastered his craft the apprentice was keen for me to have a go, along with some advice, words of encouragement and a helping hand from him , of course!

woman up a ladder and boy holding

It took a few hours to get most of the boxes in position, with a return visit to the wood in a few days to finish the job.
The larger boxes are to go higher so will be using another ladder.

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