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Woodland management plan in ancient woodland

We’re very happy to welcome the woodland management students from Moulton College, especially as they came along last year when we were just starting out.

Over the last 12 months there’s been a lot a hard work that’s gone on up at the wood, including the fencing of the whole wood, after laying of the hedge – no mean feat around a 20 acre wood.

The photo below shows the work in progress, a month or so ago. The height of the posts indicates the height of the wire that was going to be added, to deter the roaming deer herds, with numbers counted of 50 upwards, in the fields beyond the fence.

laid hedge and deer fencing

Forestry Commission management plan at Oxlip Wood

We’ve been following the agreed management plan, but at double the rate because last year nothing was able to be done due to lack of infrastructure.

The entrance to the wood bears witness to the felling that has gone on, with many more stacks not too far away.

We sell firewood to people, but realistically we can’t consider going into serious firewood production as the machinery is just too expensive. So, if  you have a log burner and would like to buy some lovely Ash wood for next winter, let us know.

log piles on either side of track

Woodland regeneration

12 months ago the ride pictured below was just a mass of mud, but by the end of the summer much had recovered. This Spring it’s as if nothing had ever happened and the view up the main ride is much the same as it has been for many hundreds of years, testament to the speed of woodland regeneration.

view along woodland ride

Moulton college students

Here’s the group of Moulton college students, who seemed to enjoy their tour. They returned from a wander around with tales of having seen a deer (not good news) and having been mobbed by a Tawny Owl which flew very close to the head of one of the students. I think they must have got a bit too close to where the owls were nesting.

We very much look forward to welcoming the woodland management students back again next year, to see the progress we hope to have made by then.

4 people standing in woodland



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