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Firewood logs for sale in East Northants

Having felled quite a few trees last winter, to comply with our woodland management plan, we are finally ready to become suppliers of fire wood  logs for sale in East Northants. However, we’re not going in for this in a big way and you’ll have to collect the logs in your car/trailer. Contact us for more details

Why do trees in the wood have to be felled?

Areas of the wood need to be opened to promote biodiversity through letting in light that encourages more diverse plants to grow that then create habitat for insects, butterflies and birds.

Some trees show signs of having rotted inside, so will eventually get blown down by the winds if they are not felled. Leaving trees to fall in an unmanaged way is not good for other healthy trees, or for reasons of health and safety.

Active management of trees in a wood is needed to promote best growth opportunities for others and also to open up the canopy, allowing light and warmth to penetrate to the woodland floor.felled tree on ground

Oxlip Wood has remained largely untouched for well over 50 years and is known as an over-stood coppice, resulting in the wood being a dark place in summer when the trees are in full leaf. Lack of light means that plants don’t grow, insects don’t thrive and birds don’t nest. So, the woodland gradually becomes what’s called “derelict”.

Watching a tree being felled is quite an experience to behold and the actual size of it, once on the ground, seems to be much larger than when it was standing.

It’s only when a tree is cut down that you can begin to appreciate not just the volume of wood but the amount of work it’s going to take to cut it up into pieces with a view to converting it into firewood.

First the smaller branches have to be stripped off, then either put through a chipper machine or dragged to a burning site. Next, the trunk and larger branches have to be cut into manageable lengths, then picked up by a crane, loaded onto a trailer and transported to the bottom of the wood ready for further processing.

Working with felled trees is labour-intensive, heavy work and the effort that’s involved isn’t appreciated by those who want to buy logs to burn on their fire. There’s not big profits to be made from the sale of firewood, just a covering of the costs to get it to the point where it’s bagged ready for sale.

Converting the tree trunks into firewood

After our first felling season last year the piles of tree trunks around the entrance to the wood grew like mushrooms! We wanted to process some wood for our own use and also have some for sale to the public. However, looking at the piles of wood and the labour involved to complete the task it was obviously beyond the means of the equipment we had.

A contractor was brought in, along with some specialist machines for converting the tree trunks and branches into logs in a much quicker time than we could.

Completing the process took several days, but  we now are the proud owners of quite a heap of logs that will keep us in firewood for several years and we can also sell to interested parties in 3 different pack sizes.

The logs we are selling are predominantly Ash, the Queen of firewood, that burn well whether seasoned or from a newly felled tree. There is also a small amount of Field Maple, Hazel, Oak and aromatic Crab Apple.

bag containing logsBuy firewood cubes in East Northants

The largest size we sell firewood is in what’s known as “cubes”, approx 1 cubic metre. To give you a better idea, a ‘cube’ is a ‘bag’ heaped up with as much as can be fitted in.

You’ll find our prices cheaper than other providers of similar products, for reason that normally, we cannot provide delivery, so you’ll need to arrange a time to come up to the wood to load up your car boot, once or several times. You can phone Gerald. Tel: 01832 733457 or Mob: 07836 506402

wheelbarrow full of logsBuy a wheelbarrow full of firewood

For some people, one or two barrow loads of logs will be enough to fill their log-store facility, ready for a lovely fire when needed.

As you can see from the picture, the wheelbarrow is not just full, but heaped up to the point we’d have a job to get any more logs on without them falling off!

We want to  provide customers with top quality firewood at a price that’s represents good value.

Again, it’s collect only as we don’t do home delivery, but we’ll try to help locals who don’t have facility to collect the wood themselves.

If you call Gerald to discuss your requirements he’ll talk to you about where we are and how/when you can collect the wood. Call us on  01832 733457, Mob: 07836 506402.

Buy firewood in nets

This is the option that’s often seen for sale outside of shops and petrol stations.

net bag full of logsWe’ve examined quite a few of these and found that many contain low-grade firewood, including softwood which burns very quickly and doesn’t create much in the way of heat.

Contact us to place your order for firewood logs and to arrange a time that’s convenient for collection. For people without means to collect firewood we will deliver nets of logs to people living in the villages of Sudborough, Brigstock and Lowick (minimum purchase of 4 bags required for delivery of wood nets).

Tel: 01832 733457 or Mob: 07836 506402.

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