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Having embarked in June on work for submission of the Management Plan to the Forestry Commission, finally the approval arrived and we could start preliminary work clearing a few trees ready for the wood processing area to be established.

Steve and Aldous, from Keyston Tree Services, arrived and were soon busy throwing ropes up into trees, to make sure they fell in the direction intended.

man throwing rope over tree

Once the rope was secured then the felling could begin, which very soon had the tree on the ground ready for the branches and remaining foliage to be removed.

felled tree with man astride holding chainsaw

Chopping the tree into lengths is not an arduous task when using a chainsaw. However, one of the youngest members of the family had other ideas (he’d had his eye on a bow saw and wanted to show what he could do). Surprisingly, with a bit of guidance he actually managed to make an impression on the trunk. We reckoned the required job could keep him occupied for several days!

boy sawing felled tree

While the professionals carried on with the necessary felling and logging using a chainsaw, there was opportunity for Grandad and Grandson to be involved in an adventure together, learning the principles of how to fell a tree.

With a little bit of help, by means of a neat wedge cut, the sawing commenced. What a fantastic adventure to be part of and to store in the memories of childhood.

Man and boy sawing tree for felling

Despite the relative size being pretty small compared to the other trees being felled, the work with a hand saw took a fair degree of effort and enthusiasm.

However, the excitement of being nearly ready to shout the immortal words “timber” was not too long in the waiting. A helping hand and down the tree fell.

two men and a boy with small felled tree

What an adventure, for all of us!

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