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February can seem like the lowest point in the year in consideration of things to see in a wood.

However, February 2014 was exceptionally mild and wet which has resulted in lots of ground water and also the strong beginnings of new growth.

Birdsong is gradually increasing in tempo now. Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and Robins are the main songsters heard in the wood.

The main singing areas are the two coppiced areas, which underlines the whole purpose of implementing a management plan.

Letting in light and new undergrowth allows the undergrowth to flourish, leading to increased bio-diversity and more birds!

February is also a good month for carrying out various aspects of maintenance work in the wood, before the masses of Bluebells appear which could be badly trodden down by too much human foot-fall.

English Woodland images February 2014

There’s nothing like taking advantage of visitors to the wood, getting them roped into jobs that seem small until you start to do them, then realise there’s more to it than met the eye!

Stephanie, Caroline, Sue and Gerald made a great bench re-location team, slipping, sliding and falling about with laughter as they endeavoured to move a very heavy bench.  Their efforts were rewarded with a rest, a piece of flapjack and a much better view to be enjoyed than previously.

There was even some time to start exploring trees by climbing up them! Steven and son had great fun seeing how far they could get up and how quickly they could come down!

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