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Food for free!

We were thrilled to find small clumps of wild garlic growing in the wood last year. An emotion that was swelled by the discovery of a large swathe of the wild garlic plants growing on the opposite side of the wood, perhaps the largest manifestation we have of edible plants in woodland, our very own food for free!

When you don’t know what you’re looking for the plants are quite indistinct from the rest of the general woodland floor growth. However, once the small white flowers appear, first as pointed buds, opening to beautiful delicate flowers the effect is stunning.

small white flowers among green leaves

Wild garlic is actually called Ramsons and is one of the Allium family of plants.

From a distance there is a faint aroma of garlic, but on picking the leaves or the flowers the aroma is quite pungent.


wild garlic growing on woodland floor

Uses of wild garlic

While keen to experiment with the garlic for culinary use I wasn’t too sure which parr of the plant to use.

I asked the question on Twitter and was advised that the leaves would make good Pesto and the flowers were good for garnish.

A week later we had a couple of visitors to the wood and Rebecca was keen to collect leaves to use as a salad. I was intrigued and asked her to send me a photo of the finished result – and she did.

wild garlic leaves and flowers in a saladHow imaginative to use the red raspberries, contrasting so splendidly with the green wild garlic leaves and the delicate white flowers. Such simple ingredients, but what an outcome when combined together.


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