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Creating butterfly habitat

area of grass and yellow flowersIf you want to see butterflies in your garden you’re going to need the right plants growing there. We have to do the same thing in woodland if we want to see these delightful creatures making Oxlip Wood their home.

Different Butterflies need different species of plants to feed on and also for breeding purposes. and we’ve been busy creating butterfly habitat areas in the wood over the past two years.

Butterfly bays are areas of woodland habitat that are managed, through cutting back shadow-creating trees and plants, to allow the ground growing plants to grow up and flourish, to provide the necessary food sources to attract butterflies.

Butterflies seen in Oxlip Wood

The rewards of our woodland management efforts are beginning to be seen, with a growing number of butterfly species being observed fluttering around, which is very rewarding.

Oxlip Wood Butterfly Explorers

brown butterfly on thistlesOn Thursday 30th July we’ve running a Family Woodland Explorers afternoon, between 2 and 4.30 p.m.

Part of the activities planned for the afternoon will involve counting and recording butterflies seen along the main tracks. If the sight is anything like the one I saw yesterday, it will be a magical event for the children. There were butterflies fluttering around in their dozens, of different colours, sizes and varieties.

If you’d like to come along and join in the fun, experiencing the joys of our private ancient woodland, managed for bio-diversity purposes, you can book a ticket for Woodland Explorers via Eventbrite. 

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