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By mid-June the rides through the wood were head high with plant growth making it increasingly challenging to get about. Even the dog found leaping over the ever-growing herbage too much to endure for over 5 minutes or woodland undergrowth

Of course, contemplating mowing paths in a wood is quite a different task than the more usual domestic task associated with a lawn mower.

We own a little strimmer, but that was clearly not going to be up to the task that presented itself, so a more robust tool had to be found.

We borrowed a brush-cutter from a farmer in the local area and Gerald set about cutting a path through to the middle of the wood.

A brush-cutter is just a larger version of a domestic strimmer, suspended form a harness worn over the shoulders. There is a technique to using ia brush-cutter, which I found I was sadly lacking when I was finally allowed to have a go!

Several hours of hard work later and we had a track through the wood which made getting about a lot easier, especially for grand-children.

Experiencing a wood ‘in the raw’ as opposed to the more usual visit to one with managed paths as already been an interesing earning curve, all part of being a woodland owner.




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