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Bluebell walk at Oxlip Wood

A sunny Sunday afternoon added to the beauty to be seen on the Bluebell walk at Oxlip Wood.

Setting off along the perimeter fence we stopped to admire the recent hedge laying efforts which are now greening up nicely.

group of people standing in woodland

Before we’d gone very far we could see swathes of Bluebells, made even more glorious in the sunshine and against the fresh new green leaves emerging from the trees above them.Bluebells are just SO worth waiting for Click To Tweet

bluebells covering woodland floor

For those who chose to look more closely, the odd white Bluebell could be found.

white bluebell among many blue

Turning around there were more delights to be viewed, with a whole area of fabulous Orchids coming into flower – the best I remember seeing them.

purple orchid growing in woodland

As the group meandered around the top of the woodland someone spotted a herd of Fallow deer on the other side of the field beyond the wood. We paused to get a better look and binoculars were passed around, but the deer were a long way off.

We have seen herds of Fallow deer, numbering up to about 60, which used to do considerable damage within our wood and those nearby. However, we hope the fencing erected this last winter will keep them out, otherwise there won’t be many new trees growing this time next year.

group of people looking over a hedge

Walking through more shady areas, onto the more open coppice areas, we passed some spectacular Bluebell displays which sent everyone reaching for their cameras.

swathe of bluebells

Next we came upon the Forest School area, where everyone enjoyed a quick sit-down, while I did my best to explain a little of what Forest School is all about.  Note to self – must cut that grass!

group of people standing and sitting on benches

I think we may even have a few of the children who were in the group joining us for the sessions I’ll be running in September. If you’d like to know more contact me, visit the Forest School page or find out what being involved with Oxlip Owlets is all about.

children and adults in Forest School circle seating area

Along the track, leaving the Forest School area, the wild garlic (Ramson) smell first filled our nostrils and then the sight of them in full flower filled our eyes with this incredible scene.

wild garlic plants with white flowers

The next stopping point was not, as might be imagined by looking at the photo below, to view a bird nesting, or even something interesting growing above. Well, there was something growing above, ever upwards!

The wood contains the remains of a WW2 ladder that was used by the Home Guard to reach a lookout platform. The ladder has grown upwards with the tree over the years and the metal frame that supported the platform still remains. Gazing upwards it’s not hard to imagine the ‘Dad’s Army’ scenarios that might have played on nights spent watching for planes or parachutes overhead.

group of people looking upwards

We continued our leisurely meander through the woods, eventually finishing where we had started after what I think everyone agreed had been a most English and most pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll.

line of people walking through bluebells


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