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Bluebells always create a wonderful vista and here at Oxlip wood the under storey becomes a vibrant carpet of blue at this time of year.

The first sightings of blue happened not long into April, but every day their presence became more apparent.

bluebells growing among trees in woodland

It’s interesting that despite a deer presence within the wood the Bluebells seem to be mostly left alone.

bluebells growing among the trees in woodland

You would imagine that Bluebells would have a fragrance? Some visitors to the wood have commented they can smell them, but I think it’s not the Bluebells their noses detect. If there was a fragrance it would be overpowering, given the density of the flowers!

bluebells growing in woodland

The vibrancy of blue contrasts beautifully with the bare trees just coming into leaf and the brown branches of the hazel trees.

Bluebells growing around a coppiced hazel tree

On various visits to Oxlip wood over the past few weeks we’ve thought the Bluebells were ‘at their best’. However, the blue just gets more and more vibrant.

bluebells growing in woodland

To be able to appreciate such scenes first hand is food for the soul.

bluebells growing in woodland

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