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Our new adventure beckons

It’s been a week now since we became owners of Oxlip wood and we still can’t quite take in the fact.

yellow buttercups A beautiful afternoon gave way to a balmy evening as we wandered up to the wood this evening with iPad in hand and two beers and a bottle opener.

The only defined paths within the wood are those trodden by deer, but once through the bordering banks of nettles it’s only a short clamber to the main ride that runs up the middle of the wood.

From just a few days ago the vivid bluebells, that greeted us on entering the wood, has faded and a vivid green and yellow carpet of buttercups now spreads out along the ride.

About half way up the main ride we could see a bright white area shining in the sun. On the previous visit we’d seen a few white flowers which we identified as wild garlic.

In just a few days this ground-based cloud had burst into bloom, a wondrous sight to behold.

white flowers at the base of trees

At the top of the ride we sat down on the seat, perfectly located by the previous wood owners, to enjoy the view, the birds singing, the insects buzzing, a hare running across the open field in front of us and, of course, the beer.


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